Writing About Writing

Shop Talk: What It’s Like to Write for $
Inktober and a little NaNo
I’m failing October, but it’s worth it.
Gross in a Good Way: Notes on Horror Writing
7 Things Writers Can Learn From Graphic Novelists
Such a Jerk: Writing a Good Antagonist
The Sound of Squalling Babies: What I Listen to While Writing
Eh, I’ll Fix That Later

3 Best Books I Read This Summer
Five First-Episodes: Mini Anime Reviews
All the Paranormal Please: Book Haul #2
I’ll Grow Into It: My Asexual Story
2015 in Books: The 5 Best Books I Read This Year
My TBR (To Be Read) Pile
Thoughts on the $15/hr Debate
Mr. Stalker Ghost
Things I Discovered in 2014
The Awesomeness that Was 12-Year-Old Me
Cheeseburgers and Metaphysics
The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway
The One and Only Reggie Rocket
Types of TV-Watchers
I Write When I’m Brave
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